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Music I listen to

Interesting facts about me

These are SOME potentially interesting facts about me:
  • I hate talking on the phone
  • I don't like wearing clothing
  • I am eligible for Canadian citizenship
  • I love bunny rabbits
  • I have a pet turtle named Tudor and a pet crayfish named Scott (*Scott is the caretaker and in-house predator in our own genetically engineered guppy farm)

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    Are you playing the L.A. Jazz Institute next month? If so, see you then...!

    Dave Bacon
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    Hi Roger ... you might want to think through producing a full lesson /clinic on dvd one day. There is no such animal that I know of. You could make it very entertaining and answer any and all questions that your stand in student would answer etc. Such a dvd could easily sell for $50.00. Greetings, Rusty Dixon Columbus, Ohio


    Reply from RogerIngram:

    Thank you RustoleusMaximus, and sorry for my delayed response. I'm still fairly new to the world of forums and did not think to check my personal profile page for messages.

    Your idea is very good, and is one we have already been considering. When the right time (mainly HAVING the time ;-) and opportunity presents itself, we most certainly will proceed with this venture.

    I am flattered you would think of me in this regard!

    Thank you for your support and interest, and do stay in touch,